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Shaping Talent Vision and Drive into Reality
Attain Group, LLC | Shaping Talent Vision and Drive into Reality
  • We shape talent, vision, and drive into reality.
  • Together, let’s expand business strategy, improve performance, and raise the bar.
  • Attain Knowledge vs. Skill-sets.
  • Attain success by enhancing yourself to better engage internal and external challenges.
  • Be Strategic: Attain the insight to think several moves ahead.
  • Our foundation strives to assist individuals in Attaining access to resources, and services.

Solutions for Educational, Government, Corporate, Small Business, and Nonprofit Organizations.

About Us What We Deliver How We Operate


Definition of Attain

1. To achieve or accomplish, that is, to reach by efforts
2. To gain or obtain possession of; to acquire
3. To get the knowledge of; to realize; to ascertain
4. To come to, by motion; to arrive at
5. To overtake or conquer
6. To reach in excellence or degree; to equal
7. To make or manage

Quote of the Day

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'"

- Martin Luther King, Jr.


About Us

We are a management consulting firm, and put simply, we help are clients succeed. We consist of professionals from diverse personal and industry background. Our primary experience derives from fields such as the military, teaching/training, executive management, performance consulting, and various levels of entrepreneurship. We provide management consulting, learning and advisory solutions that help our clients realize their visions and turn strategic intentions into reality.


What We Deliver

Through workshops/seminars, coaching, consulting, and thought leadership, we deliver the tools, techniques, and insight necessary for success. Unlike many companies that attempt to fit clients into “one size fits all” mold, we realized that every client is unique and treat them as such.


How We Operate

Our mission is to enable success. With that said, although primarily we function independently, we will partner, as applicable to provide necessary resources. Please note: 10% of all our revenue goes to the charity of the client’s choice.

Gee! I got more than I expected!

A colleague referred me to the Attain Group because she felt like I needed to polish up on my presentation skills. At first, I was reluctant because I was unsure whether I could tolerate the scrutiny of another professional, particularly since public speaking was a glaring weakness. Read more

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