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Shaping Talent Vision and Drive into Reality
Attain Group, LLC | Shaping Talent Vision and Drive into Reality

Learning & Development

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We provide engaging and interactive learning & development solutions to expand the leadership landscape and facilitate development to accomplish organizational and individual outcomes. We believe that every participant brings a wealth of learning and life experiences to the table and appreciates being recognized as equals in having significant knowledge to share.

You will receive the tools, knowledge, and expertise to build a high-performing organizations and develop high-performing individuals. High-performing organizations consistently produce outstanding results while maintaining satisfied, challenged and developed employees who are committed and dedicated to organizational success: These organizations focus on the following elements:

  • Systematically linking strategy, succession, and performance measurement
  • Reliable and reproducible results related to achieving outcomes
  • Sustaining empowered, skilled and developed employees
  • Ensuring employee commitment and dedication for organizational success

We are available for in-house or off-site sessions and will customize a high-quality curriculum to achieve the outcomes you seek. We have curricula and instructional design experts prepared to develop customized materials to meet your specific needs.

Learning modules are offered in the following time spans:

  • ½-day sessions (4 hours or less)
  • 1-day workshops (6-8 hours)
  • 2-day seminars (consecutive or spread out)
  • 1-week series (consecutive days or spread out over time)
  • Executive Roundtable series (bi-monthly or quarterly
  • Retreats, Conferences, Special Events, Keynotes, Professional Speakers (time span based on client and needs)

When you want a dynamic and substantive event, Attain Group will deliver. Contact us to discuss your needs. 866-I-ATTAIN (428-8246)


Our Approach

We focus on the following:

  • Learning retention
  • Application
  • Behaviors changes
  • Measurement
  • Sustainability

We ensure a continuity of knowledge and work closely with individuals and organizations to close competency gaps and strengthen capacity. Deliberate, we ensure a successful transfer of knowledge by applying highly interactive and experiential exercises during sessions.

We offer a competent and experienced pool of keynote speakers, presenters, facilitators, and learning professionals who will help you accomplish your goals, develop your people, and make your event a through success!


List of Interpersonal Topics

We offer a full library of soft-skill training programs that consist of over 75 titles and growing. If you don’t see interpersonal topic you’re looking for, rest assured that we can tailor a workshop or program to suit any scenario. We can consult with you and your organization on the content and approach that best fits your needs.




The Urban League of Greater Cincinnati’s African American Leadership Development Program (AALDP) is a year-long course. James, and his company, Attain Group, took the final class day to a different level; a level where participants had an opportunity to begin putting all the loose ends together in terms of leadership.

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