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Shaping Talent Vision and Drive into Reality
Attain Group, LLC | Shaping Talent Vision and Drive into Reality


The Urban League of Greater Cincinnati’s African American Leadership Development Program (AALDP) is a year-long course. James, and his company, Attain Group, took the final class day to a different level; a level where participants had an opportunity to begin putting all the loose ends together in terms of leadership. As we all know, leadership development is multi-faceted and people tend to lean in one direction or another (civic vs community vs organizational vs whatever) and they seldom get the full picture. What James did was complete the circle and provide a broader approach and perspective on leadership. I look forward to building upon our partnership.

Jenny C. Laster
Director Leadership Development
The Urban League of Greater Cincinnati

As the project coordinator for a leadership day workshop, I had the pleasure to collaborate with James S. Carson, CEO and Founder of Attain Group. While I have certainly been exposed to other workshops with a similar objective, this one in particular was the most comprehensive, and by far the best experience yet. The customized materials and content created, along with the quality of facilitation, thoroughly exceeded expectations. Participants were engaged, made value-added contributions, and unique calls to action were identified. I would recommend Attain Group as a resource for any type organization.

Glenda Cousins
Vice President
Community Development Manager
US Bank

James and the professionals at the Attain Group have consistently provided timely, relevant, creative, and insightful work. The team is dedicated to providing the highest quality work product, and sharing their business expertise with all of their clients. The work was exceptional and delivered with a desire to provide excellent service. Personally I value James' integrity, passion for success, and desire to continuously provide value to all clients.

Alyson J. Beasley
VP/Compliance Audit Manager
Commerce Bank

Gee! I got more than I expected!

A colleague referred me to the Attain Group because she felt like I needed to polish up on my presentation skills. At first, I was reluctant because I was unsure whether I could tolerate the scrutiny of another professional, particularly since public speaking was a glaring weakness.

Much to my surprise, not only did I have a great training experience that allowed me to grow, stretch and change. I discovered and nurtured a friendship with the CEO and Founder, James Carson.

James is a talented, caring, and insightful taskmaster. James has an uncanny ability to understand your point of view and works diligently and tirelessly to maximize your knowledge, skills, and abilities. Through his natural, and relaxed style of relational engagement, James makes you at ease as he provides feedback to enhance your performance.

James assessed my strengths, and using a developmental approach gave me the space to cultivate, and incorporate my natural abilities into my public speaking style. James inspired me to be my best and to ensure I convey my best to all my audiences all the time. James and Attain Group sharpened my existing set of tools, increased my public speaking repertoire, and have been instrumental in getting me on the road of “Do What You’re Built For.”

If you are looking for a jack of all trades, and a master of many, a confidant and friend, then James is the trainer for you because he was and continues to be for me.

Dr. Daniel Lee
Licensed Psychologist
Success Unlimited Network Certified Life Coach
Author - "Do What You’re Built For"